Friday, 2 October 2015

My Life in Song Titles!

Hey guys,

The other day I was thinking of games I used to play when i was a bit younger. Did you ever play 'the music shuffle game' or whatever you called it. 

Basically there is a bunch of questions you answer with song titles from your library. You have to put your music on shuffle and click next. The song title that comes up is your 'answer' to the question. You keep doing that until you are done. 

It normally doesn't make sense but its really funny. So lets get to it. Here are my questions and answers.

1)Your mom finds out she is pregnant:  Hot Ceiling (Rixton) 

2)Song during her pregnancy: Victoria (Howard Shore) 

3)Your mother's first thought of you: Live like theres no tomorrow (Selena Gomez) 
  Glad to see I am inspiring you to live mom. Haha

4)Other's people thoughts of you: Wasted (MKTO)
  Well that's just rude!

5)Your birthday theme song: Reckless (SUNSTARS)
  Are you guys trying to tell my something.. 

6)Elementary theme song: Sun in my pocket (Locnville)
  I did love that adorable telly tubbies sun 

7)Theme song when you make new friends: Where them girls at (David Guetta)

   Haha so now I'm an alcoholic and a slight pervert ...lols

8)Party theme song: It's not right for you (The Script)
  You just don't understand me music. you don't know whats best for me..

9)When you and your best friend are no longer friends: Let this last forever (Benni Benassi)
  Wow Emma, you are heartless..haha

10)When you make enemies: Magnetic Eyes (Matrix and the Futurebound) 
   Ah awesome so I'm a superhero with the power of magnetic eyes. My enemies are probably terrible villains. They deserve my magnetic eyes, I'm gonna hit them with a fridge.

11)High school theme song: Say Somethin' (Austin Mahone)
  Say something' cause I'm dying inside. Say something' long till break.

12)Waking up theme song: Stockholm Syndrome (One Direction)
  My bed has held me captive keeping me from getting anything productive done and I've fallen in love with it. Yeah sounds about right.

13)When you graduate from high school: Full Circle (Miley Cyrus)
   Don't tell me I have to do it all over agin. NOOOOO 

14)When you go off to college: Voodoo Doll (Fergie)
    Ohh one of my arch nemesis is using a voodoo doll on me trying to stop down. You are no match for Magneto eyes.

15)When you date people: New Romantics (Taylor Swift)
     So cute. So not true irl. but hey  a girl can dream.

16)When you find your soul mate: BB Good (The Jonas Brothers)

     Why hello throwback. Damn who remembers the Jonas Brothers. How amazing is Nick's new music!?! 

17)When you get a job: Talking body ( Tove Lo)
    This better not be suggesting I'm becoming a stripper. :/ hahaha

18)When your best friend dies: SMS (Miley Cyrus)
     Noo, finding out news like that over SMS! #cruel

19)When you get a pet: I just called to say I loved you (Johnny Apple)
    Sounds about right. #Ilovemydogmorethanyou

20)When you move in with your soul mate: Murder on the Dance floor (LCNVL and Pascal and Pierce) 
   Well this sounds like a dangerous relationship that ain't gonna well. Damn we must take our dance      competitions seriously if they end in murder. :/

21)When you have a job in your career: Poker Face ( Lady Gaga)
    So I become a superhero then a stripper and then murder my soul mate AND I DONT EVEN ENJOY/HATE IT. wow i'm an emotionless psychopath.

22)Your wedding song: My Dilemma (Selena Gomez & The Scene) 
    Now I'm in an unhappy marriage?! Does my new husband know I killed my previous soulmate. Wow my life is a mess. HAHA

23)During your pregnancy: Lullaby (NIckelback)
    I don't know why I have this song. But cutsies. At least I'm a decent mom. Lols

24)During the birth: Spotlight (Jennifer Hudson)
    AHAHAHAH. The delivery room lights can be rather harsh. Ah a lovely spotlight on my genitals. Just what everyone dreams off.

25)Your first thought on your child: Come down with love (Allstar weekend)

     I hope dat baby has my eyes. #proudmama

26)Your child's first birthday: So much better (Eminem)

    Yay, it's finally sleeping through the night. hehe 

27)When they graduate from high school: Galvanise (The Chemical Brothers)
    Galvanise(verb): to stimulate into action. Get off my couch and get a job you lazy freeloader. 

28)When your parents die: We all Sleep alone (Cher)

     Well that's depressing. Thanks Cher.

29)When you are a grandparent: We Still love (Olly Murs) 

     Yay little people I can hand back at the end of the day or when they start crying.

30)When your spouse dies: Find your love (Drake)
    Watch out I'm on the hunt for a new man. Just don't challenge me to a dance off. 

31)When you die: California Gurls (Katy Perry)
   Do I move to California? Thats epic. Spread my ashes in the ocean. 

32)Your death is described as: Heaven (Emeli Sandé)
     You better be saying that I am going to heaven Emeli and not that life without me is amazing! #rude

33)Your funeral song: Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus)
     I know I lived an interesting alternative lifestyle but really thats rude FAMILY AND FRIENDS. lols

34)Peoples opinion about you: Beautiful Stranger (Madonna) 
    Why do I have this song? But Thank you Madonna. Means a lot coming from you gurl.

35)Ending of the story song: The One That got Away (Katy Perry)
    At least Im appreciated in the end. B)

Haha well that was quite something. I hope my real life is NOTHING like that. I hope you enjoyed the game. Now its your turn to play! 

Feel free to tell me your results or just anything really in the comments.



In the words of Dan Howell

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  1. HAHAHA :') Some of these answers are actually so funny.

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