Wednesday, 19 August 2015

MonthlyView - August

Hey all,

It is time to look back on my highlights of the month. Just a reminder that they are not necessarily current highlights but my personal highlights. 

Okay, lets have a look at dis month.

1.  Song of the month

Desmond and the Tutu's is a South African Indie band. I cannot get their latest song, Teenagers, out of my head. Give it a listen, it is amaaaazzzing. The music video is pretty funny too :)

2. Album of the Month

This month I bought Twenty One Pilots latest album Blurryface.  It is such an incredible album top's talent and wide range of songs is incredible. They have such a variety of genres on their album that their is something on it for everyone. It  has the most interesting lyrics and sounds. Definitely worth a buy! 

3. Movie of the Month

I watched If I Stay this month and I am not afraid to say I balled my eyes out. It was such a cute moving movie. It was so well made and the story line was incredible. I should definitely try read the book. I 100% recommend you watch it but make sure you are with close friends or by yourself cause you will cry. And you will love it. :")

4. Obsession of the Month

I am so embarrassed at the  amount of Marvellous Creations Chocolate I have consumed this month :/ It just launched in SA and I was solo excited as I loved it when I went to the UK and was ecstatic to finally have it here. Its. just. so. good. What's your favourite flavour?

5. Hottie of the Month

Can we just reflect on Dan Howell this month? He is truly beautiful on the inside and the outside.  His personality is so attractive. He is such a kind hearted, hilarious human being. Ahh #phantrashnumber1. 

6. TV Show of the Month

I have been obsessively watching Catfish this month. It is strangely addictive watching strangers interact online. Plus Nev and Max are such an adorable duo. Overall its just such an entertaining show.

7. Shocker of the Month

It feels like Louis' baby shocker happened so long ago. One Direction has literally had one drama after the next this year. It has literally been insane. Louis' baby was quite the shocker ...after all its not everyday you find out you are going to be a stepmom in the future. ;)

8. Book of the Month

I really enjoyed this book. It is a lot more sexual than I expected but it has a great message for all teenagers and society in general. 

9. Video of the Month

Ok this video was so exciting for two reasons:
1) I HAD KNOW IDEA SAM POTTORF SINGS!!! and that he has such a sweet voice!
2) It is the sweetest cutest song and video.
Such a good video. Will have you singing for dayyyysss.

Okie dokes well thats it for this month. I hope you enjoyed. Feel free to let me know what you thinks in the comments. 

What have your highlights been this month? 

Until next time

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