Sunday, 16 November 2014

MonthlyView - November

Hey all,

So lets, just pretend I haven't just disappeared for a month...oops time really does fly.

But its time for the *drum roll* ....monthlyview!

November has been quite a month. It's quite an awkward limbo month because I'm so ready for this year to end and excited for Christmas to start but I still have to get through all my November exams...

Anyway here are this months highlights:

1 Song of the Month

Every single time, Nick Jonas's Jealous comes on, I cannot control myself. This has been my ultimate jam this month. It is addictive, catchy and incredible. 

2 Album of the month

Robin Schulz's album has been really amazing. It has about 20 full length songs on it and then it has one song with the entire albums music merged into on. No more shuffle! Its really amazing, If you likes his 'waves remix' you will love the rest of the album. Its chilled yet fun.

3 Movie of the month

So last night, I attended the premiere of Spud 3. Can I just say funniest movie yet! It was an absolutely incredible movie and an insane evening as I got to see Caspar Lee, Troye Sivan and Connor Franta in the flesh. 

4 Hottie of the Month

After last night, this prestigious award has to go to the one and only Caspar Lee. Not only was he an absolutely amazing man, he is incredibly talented and beyond good looking. What can I say...its those South African genes ;)

5 TV show of the Month

So I think the UK is on like the third season of this show, but the first season just started gracing our screens this month ands its been absolutely addictive and gets me in stitches every time.

6 Shocker of the Month

The world has been pretty much in panic over Ebola these last few months. Its interesting how more people are panicked in America, then in the rest of Africa. I would just like to clarify, there is NO ebola in South Africa, the only way it is affecting us is in tourism...There is only 3 or 4 countries in Africa with it currently do not group the whole continent as one, asseblief. 

7. Book of the Month

My last review featured the movie of this book and as you can see I decided to read it. Its actually so different from the movie . I can see why many people were upset about the differences but I have learnt that happens with almost ever book put on the big screen. You just have to learn to appreciate the one as a book and the other as a separate film. It was a very good book, interesting and different. My favourite character is Newt, who is yours?

8 Video of the month

Here's a happy positive video I thought you guys might like. I love the song! 

9 Obsession of the month

So this is basically all I have been doing this past month. 

Anyways, Hope you guys enjoyed. How has your month been? What are your highlights?


P.S  Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it


  1. Love your blog I just found it through teenage blogger central! That is so cool you got to see spud 3 I am jealous, did you actually meet caspar ? Please go check out my blog and follow if you like it xx
    New follower

  2. Hey! Thanks so much. It was an incredible experience! I didn't get to meet him :"( but I got really close to him. I'll definitely check out your blog ;)

  3. Hi Emma,

    Thanks for volunteering for the Senior Year Diary Project at TBC! Please email me at and I will add you to our group e-mail :)