Friday, 2 October 2015

My Life in Song Titles!

Hey guys,

The other day I was thinking of games I used to play when i was a bit younger. Did you ever play 'the music shuffle game' or whatever you called it. 

Basically there is a bunch of questions you answer with song titles from your library. You have to put your music on shuffle and click next. The song title that comes up is your 'answer' to the question. You keep doing that until you are done. 

It normally doesn't make sense but its really funny. So lets get to it. Here are my questions and answers.

1)Your mom finds out she is pregnant:  Hot Ceiling (Rixton) 

2)Song during her pregnancy: Victoria (Howard Shore) 

3)Your mother's first thought of you: Live like theres no tomorrow (Selena Gomez) 
  Glad to see I am inspiring you to live mom. Haha

4)Other's people thoughts of you: Wasted (MKTO)
  Well that's just rude!

5)Your birthday theme song: Reckless (SUNSTARS)
  Are you guys trying to tell my something.. 

6)Elementary theme song: Sun in my pocket (Locnville)
  I did love that adorable telly tubbies sun 

7)Theme song when you make new friends: Where them girls at (David Guetta)

   Haha so now I'm an alcoholic and a slight pervert ...lols

8)Party theme song: It's not right for you (The Script)
  You just don't understand me music. you don't know whats best for me..

9)When you and your best friend are no longer friends: Let this last forever (Benni Benassi)
  Wow Emma, you are heartless..haha

10)When you make enemies: Magnetic Eyes (Matrix and the Futurebound) 
   Ah awesome so I'm a superhero with the power of magnetic eyes. My enemies are probably terrible villains. They deserve my magnetic eyes, I'm gonna hit them with a fridge.

11)High school theme song: Say Somethin' (Austin Mahone)
  Say something' cause I'm dying inside. Say something' long till break.

12)Waking up theme song: Stockholm Syndrome (One Direction)
  My bed has held me captive keeping me from getting anything productive done and I've fallen in love with it. Yeah sounds about right.

13)When you graduate from high school: Full Circle (Miley Cyrus)
   Don't tell me I have to do it all over agin. NOOOOO 

14)When you go off to college: Voodoo Doll (Fergie)
    Ohh one of my arch nemesis is using a voodoo doll on me trying to stop down. You are no match for Magneto eyes.

15)When you date people: New Romantics (Taylor Swift)
     So cute. So not true irl. but hey  a girl can dream.

16)When you find your soul mate: BB Good (The Jonas Brothers)

     Why hello throwback. Damn who remembers the Jonas Brothers. How amazing is Nick's new music!?! 

17)When you get a job: Talking body ( Tove Lo)
    This better not be suggesting I'm becoming a stripper. :/ hahaha

18)When your best friend dies: SMS (Miley Cyrus)
     Noo, finding out news like that over SMS! #cruel

19)When you get a pet: I just called to say I loved you (Johnny Apple)
    Sounds about right. #Ilovemydogmorethanyou

20)When you move in with your soul mate: Murder on the Dance floor (LCNVL and Pascal and Pierce) 
   Well this sounds like a dangerous relationship that ain't gonna well. Damn we must take our dance      competitions seriously if they end in murder. :/

21)When you have a job in your career: Poker Face ( Lady Gaga)
    So I become a superhero then a stripper and then murder my soul mate AND I DONT EVEN ENJOY/HATE IT. wow i'm an emotionless psychopath.

22)Your wedding song: My Dilemma (Selena Gomez & The Scene) 
    Now I'm in an unhappy marriage?! Does my new husband know I killed my previous soulmate. Wow my life is a mess. HAHA

23)During your pregnancy: Lullaby (NIckelback)
    I don't know why I have this song. But cutsies. At least I'm a decent mom. Lols

24)During the birth: Spotlight (Jennifer Hudson)
    AHAHAHAH. The delivery room lights can be rather harsh. Ah a lovely spotlight on my genitals. Just what everyone dreams off.

25)Your first thought on your child: Come down with love (Allstar weekend)

     I hope dat baby has my eyes. #proudmama

26)Your child's first birthday: So much better (Eminem)

    Yay, it's finally sleeping through the night. hehe 

27)When they graduate from high school: Galvanise (The Chemical Brothers)
    Galvanise(verb): to stimulate into action. Get off my couch and get a job you lazy freeloader. 

28)When your parents die: We all Sleep alone (Cher)

     Well that's depressing. Thanks Cher.

29)When you are a grandparent: We Still love (Olly Murs) 

     Yay little people I can hand back at the end of the day or when they start crying.

30)When your spouse dies: Find your love (Drake)
    Watch out I'm on the hunt for a new man. Just don't challenge me to a dance off. 

31)When you die: California Gurls (Katy Perry)
   Do I move to California? Thats epic. Spread my ashes in the ocean. 

32)Your death is described as: Heaven (Emeli Sandé)
     You better be saying that I am going to heaven Emeli and not that life without me is amazing! #rude

33)Your funeral song: Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus)
     I know I lived an interesting alternative lifestyle but really thats rude FAMILY AND FRIENDS. lols

34)Peoples opinion about you: Beautiful Stranger (Madonna) 
    Why do I have this song? But Thank you Madonna. Means a lot coming from you gurl.

35)Ending of the story song: The One That got Away (Katy Perry)
    At least Im appreciated in the end. B)

Haha well that was quite something. I hope my real life is NOTHING like that. I hope you enjoyed the game. Now its your turn to play! 

Feel free to tell me your results or just anything really in the comments.



In the words of Dan Howell

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

MonthlyView - August

Hey all,

It is time to look back on my highlights of the month. Just a reminder that they are not necessarily current highlights but my personal highlights. 

Okay, lets have a look at dis month.

1.  Song of the month

Desmond and the Tutu's is a South African Indie band. I cannot get their latest song, Teenagers, out of my head. Give it a listen, it is amaaaazzzing. The music video is pretty funny too :)

2. Album of the Month

This month I bought Twenty One Pilots latest album Blurryface.  It is such an incredible album top's talent and wide range of songs is incredible. They have such a variety of genres on their album that their is something on it for everyone. It  has the most interesting lyrics and sounds. Definitely worth a buy! 

3. Movie of the Month

I watched If I Stay this month and I am not afraid to say I balled my eyes out. It was such a cute moving movie. It was so well made and the story line was incredible. I should definitely try read the book. I 100% recommend you watch it but make sure you are with close friends or by yourself cause you will cry. And you will love it. :")

4. Obsession of the Month

I am so embarrassed at the  amount of Marvellous Creations Chocolate I have consumed this month :/ It just launched in SA and I was solo excited as I loved it when I went to the UK and was ecstatic to finally have it here. Its. just. so. good. What's your favourite flavour?

5. Hottie of the Month

Can we just reflect on Dan Howell this month? He is truly beautiful on the inside and the outside.  His personality is so attractive. He is such a kind hearted, hilarious human being. Ahh #phantrashnumber1. 

6. TV Show of the Month

I have been obsessively watching Catfish this month. It is strangely addictive watching strangers interact online. Plus Nev and Max are such an adorable duo. Overall its just such an entertaining show.

7. Shocker of the Month

It feels like Louis' baby shocker happened so long ago. One Direction has literally had one drama after the next this year. It has literally been insane. Louis' baby was quite the shocker ...after all its not everyday you find out you are going to be a stepmom in the future. ;)

8. Book of the Month

I really enjoyed this book. It is a lot more sexual than I expected but it has a great message for all teenagers and society in general. 

9. Video of the Month

Ok this video was so exciting for two reasons:
1) I HAD KNOW IDEA SAM POTTORF SINGS!!! and that he has such a sweet voice!
2) It is the sweetest cutest song and video.
Such a good video. Will have you singing for dayyyysss.

Okie dokes well thats it for this month. I hope you enjoyed. Feel free to let me know what you thinks in the comments. 

What have your highlights been this month? 

Until next time

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Would You Rather..?

Hey all you beautiful people :)

I'm just going to pretend I didn't just take a 8 month absence. 
Anyway I thought it would be fun to play a little game of would you rather :)
Let the games begin!

1. Would you rather go about your normal day naked or fall asleep for a year?

Hmmm, I feel like sleeping for a year would literally be amazing! Besides I would probably lose all my friends if I walked around naked :/

2. Would you rather be invisible or be able to read minds?

READ MINDS X10000000. How cool would it be to know what people actually think about things. It could literally change everything. Change relationships, friendships even meetings with strangers. As long as it doesn't come with the twilight clause, I don't wanna be Edward Cullen. I just want his gift.

3. Would you rather be stranded on an island alone or with someone you hate?

I feel like I would rather have any company then being completely alone. Even though the people I strongly dislike are hella annoying I would rather put up with them then be completely alone. Hey, maybe with so much time together we might even become better friends or at least hate each other less. If they get super annoying you can always just shove them in a volcano or to the sharks or whatever danger lurks on the island. Haha just kidding...I would never do that ;)

4.Would you rather never use the internet again or never watch TV again?

HELLO! Super easy goodbye TV. Its been good, its been real but you can be replaced in two seconds with the internet. With youtube and everything you really don't even need a TV. The only thing is SA doesn't have Netflix so thats super lame. :(

5. Would you rather stop time or fly?

I feel like time is meant to pass and stopping time just messes with the natural way of things. Plus flying would be super cool. Yep, flying it is.

6. Would you rather be prom queen/king or have a super cool and good-looking gf/bf?

Well my school doesn't do the whole prom queen/king thing so I'm gonna take the good-looking bf. You hear that Dan Howell I choose you ;)

7. Would you rather publish your diary or make a movie on your most embarrassing moment?

Both these options sounds terrible. Ok I don't have a diary thank goodness but I feel like my embarrassing moments could not be covered by one movie, you would need to make a whole documentary series! Hmm I think the movie sounds better.  It isn't in my direct words or portray my thoughts.

8. Would you rather have super powers or have christmas never end?

As much as I absolutely luurve christmas. (who doesn't??) I feel like after awhile it would lose its magic and the gifts would stop *gasp*. So I'll take the super powers thank you very much.

9. Would you rather be born with an elephant trunk or a giraffe neck?

I feel like an elephant trunk would freak people out, but I could turn a giraffe neck into like some beauty thing. You know how like freckles, mixed pigmented skin and plus size models become like a thing? I feel like a giraffe neck could totally be a thing. Plus I can reach everything and give like hugs with my neck. Sounds pretty epic actually. I want that giraffe neck.

10. Would you rather be able to whisper or only be able to shout?

Oh either way sounds terrible. If you only shout you can never talk in class or have quiet conversations with anyone. Everyone would just hear what you say so people would probably stop talking to you. If you can only whisper you can never like do public speaking or succeed in job interviews and stuff. Either way you are doomed. Hmm I think I'll take whisper and then Ill just use a megaphone when the time calls.

11. Would you rather find true love or 10 million dollars?

This is gonna be super cheesy but I feel like finding true love is worth more than 10 million dollars.

Anyways, thanks for reading! Which would you choose? Let me know in the comments :)

Have a good weekend




Sunday, 16 November 2014

MonthlyView - November

Hey all,

So lets, just pretend I haven't just disappeared for a month...oops time really does fly.

But its time for the *drum roll* ....monthlyview!

November has been quite a month. It's quite an awkward limbo month because I'm so ready for this year to end and excited for Christmas to start but I still have to get through all my November exams...

Anyway here are this months highlights:

1 Song of the Month

Every single time, Nick Jonas's Jealous comes on, I cannot control myself. This has been my ultimate jam this month. It is addictive, catchy and incredible. 

2 Album of the month

Robin Schulz's album has been really amazing. It has about 20 full length songs on it and then it has one song with the entire albums music merged into on. No more shuffle! Its really amazing, If you likes his 'waves remix' you will love the rest of the album. Its chilled yet fun.

3 Movie of the month

So last night, I attended the premiere of Spud 3. Can I just say funniest movie yet! It was an absolutely incredible movie and an insane evening as I got to see Caspar Lee, Troye Sivan and Connor Franta in the flesh. 

4 Hottie of the Month

After last night, this prestigious award has to go to the one and only Caspar Lee. Not only was he an absolutely amazing man, he is incredibly talented and beyond good looking. What can I say...its those South African genes ;)

5 TV show of the Month

So I think the UK is on like the third season of this show, but the first season just started gracing our screens this month ands its been absolutely addictive and gets me in stitches every time.

6 Shocker of the Month

The world has been pretty much in panic over Ebola these last few months. Its interesting how more people are panicked in America, then in the rest of Africa. I would just like to clarify, there is NO ebola in South Africa, the only way it is affecting us is in tourism...There is only 3 or 4 countries in Africa with it currently do not group the whole continent as one, asseblief. 

7. Book of the Month

My last review featured the movie of this book and as you can see I decided to read it. Its actually so different from the movie . I can see why many people were upset about the differences but I have learnt that happens with almost ever book put on the big screen. You just have to learn to appreciate the one as a book and the other as a separate film. It was a very good book, interesting and different. My favourite character is Newt, who is yours?

8 Video of the month

Here's a happy positive video I thought you guys might like. I love the song! 

9 Obsession of the month

So this is basically all I have been doing this past month. 

Anyways, Hope you guys enjoyed. How has your month been? What are your highlights?


P.S  Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it

Thursday, 25 September 2014

MonthlyView - September

Hey guys,

Sorry I have been M.I.A for awhile. I feel like I start every post with that apology. oops. 

Anyway September has been quite a hectic month. Everyone has been getting back into the school schedule and slow dying on the inside already looking forward to December break. 

Let us however look at the positive things this here we go

1. Song of the Month

I congratulate Love Don't Die by The Fray as this months winner. I went to The Fray's concert last weekend and it was truly amazing! What a show! The best part was when they sang this song; the crowd went insane. Oh and can I just say, their opening act, Connell Cruise, is beyond beautiful.

2.Album of the Month

This month I have not been able to stop listening to Sam Smith's latest album. It is truly amazing. His voice is astounding and his lyrics are so powerful and emotional. Ah it must be one of the best albums I have ever bought. my favourite song is 'I've told you now.' Give it a try, I promise you won't regret it ;)

3.Movie of the Month

All I have heard this month is how amazing The Maze Runner movie is. I must be honest it does look really awesome. Anything with Dylan O' Brien in it must be incredible. It hasn't officially come out in SA yet but I am going to see it this weekend when it does. Can't wait. Have you seen it?

4. Hottie of the Month

Since we are on the top of Dylan O'Brien, I think it's only fair he gets the title of Hottie of the Month. This boy is not only extremely talented in acting and the looks department, he has an amazing personality to go with it. Can someone say the perfect package?

5.TV show of the Month

This month I have spent some time catching up on some GLEE. Everybody needs a little Glee here and there. It reminded me how amazing this series actually is! 

6.Shocker of the Month

The latest iCloud leaks have caught everyones attention. It's amazing how some leaked nudes can get everyone talking. It really was a shameful invasion of privacy that none of those celebs deserved and I do feel incredibly sorry for them however it is a good wake up call for everyone else on the potential dangers of the internet. I don't think anyone wants my (clothed) selfies that badly but it is important to realise what we share is available to everyone on the web. Dangerous stuff man. Nothing is truly safe these days.

7.Book of the Month

Another book read. Sorry I a trying to read more but the stresses of school certainly keep me busy. No excuses Emma. haha well do any of you have any good recommendations for me?

8.Video of the Month

'My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hun!' Another month..Another controversial music video catching everyones attention. When I first watched the video I wasn't shocked and the fact that I wasn't shocked, shocks me. What does that say about music videos these days if I can watch a music video filled with nudity and sexual dancing and not blink an eyelid? Well besides the obviously controversial song and video, I can't deny it is beyond catchy.

9. Obsession of the Month

AHHHHH this day has come. I FINALLY GOT MY OWN LAPTOP. Can I just say what a milestone this is in my short life. I am now a proud owner of a new beautiful Macbook Air and I couldn't be happier. It is however my first time using a Apple computer. Any advice?

Well I hope you enjoyed. How has your September been? 

Until next time

Emma ;)


Monday, 1 September 2014

Monthlyview - August

Hey all you awesome people,

First of all sorry this is posted in September, I went on holiday and didn't have the chance to post it sooner. I would also like to thank everyone who reads my blog as this month I broke records in my personal blog statistics so thank you so much for that! Well let's get to the interesting part. August has been quite a month..and here are my views:

1.Song of the month

This month has been quite a good month for music. I could not decide which song I prefer so I present you the two winners ;) It's becoming a problem...I cannot get these songs out of my head!

2.Album of the month

I must be honest. I haven't had the opportunity to buy the album yet but I know it is just outstanding. It is Troye Sivan's third album. He is INSANELY talented and half South African ;) Definitely worth a try. I am buying it as soon as I can. I shared his first single in last months review. If you liked it give the rest of the album a try :)

3. Movie of the Month

I'm not going to lie I went to the movies wanting to watch a different movie. Unfortunately that was not showing anymore so I saw Guardians of the Galaxy. Being in a girls only family means I never really watched these kind of movies so I was reluctant to watch this. But wow did it surprise me. I actually really enjoyed the movie and I'm so glad I missed the other movie. 'I AM GROOT" will stick with me forever ;') 

4.Hottie of the month

Do I even need to give an explanation? Divergent's star Theo James is one hottie to watch. Just look at those cheek bones. Impressive stuff.

5.TV Show of the Month

This month we had the always entertaining annual  Mtv Video Music Awards. This is one show I never miss. It always brings drama and interesting results. This year's awards did not disappoint. Between Nicki's 'Anaconda' performance, Miley's homeless date, Beyonce's tribute and Lorde's controversy Rock video win it was quite the show. Imagine attending an event like that! What did you think of the show?

6. Shocker of the Month

The sudden passing of Robin Williams was a shock to all. He is an incredibly talented actor who brought laughter and happiness to millions of people around the world. He is a legend and will be missed by many.  I will forever remember him as the over the top advertiser in 'The Crazy Ones' and so many more amazing characters.R.I.P Robin.

7. Book of the month.

Ok..I kinda didn't read a book this month...Forgive me I was relaxing on the beach! I will recommend if you aren't exactly a reader that you can use It is an amazing site that lets you buy audible books and you can listen to them whenever you want. They are great for long flights or if you are just to lazy to pick up a book. Even me I am lazy. 

8. Video of the month

Honestly this is the cutest ad! Ahh the back to school blues ;'( I go back in a week. Sigh. Anyway this video will get you excited for what the new year/term brings. See if you can spot any of your favourite youtubers in the ad ;)

9. Obsession of the month

All my social media has been taken over by this latest obsession. The ALS ice bucket challenge aimed to raise awareness of the disease ALS. It involves you having a bucket of ice poured onto you so for a second you can feel what ALS feels like. This has honestly been an extremely successful project. Celebrities, sport teams, government officials and what feels like everyone on the planet has participated. It has raised over $1 million for the foundation. If you would like to donate you can donate at 

All in all it has been quite an insane month. I have honestly had one of the best holidays of my life. I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and good luck to everyone going back to school/college/work. What did you think of August? How was your holiday? Feel free to comment :)

Have a good week


Monday, 25 August 2014

The Liebster Awards

Hey All,

Sorry I have been MIA for while but I’m back!
I would like to thank Holly at and Mimi at for nominating me for the Liebster Award.

The Liebster Award is a tag post in which bloggers under 200 followers answer 11 questions, tag other bloggers under 200 followers and write up their own 11 questions for them to answer.
The post rules are:
~Answer all the questions that are given to you
~Link back to the bloggers that nominate you
~Nominate other bloggers
~Provide nominees with 11 questions
~You cannot nominate the person who nominated you
~You must inform nominees of your nomination

Okay, lets get started with the questions...

~Holly’s Questions~
{1} What's the number one place you want to go in the future?
I would love to visit the USA at some point, ideally California.
{2} What's your favourite nail varnish shade?
Anything Purple. I loovve purple.
{3} Who's the most inspirational person that you know of?
Myself. Just kidding, um many people for different reasons as no one is completely perfect. I admire Nelson Mandela’s courage, My uncles values, my mom’s kindness, Caspar Lee’s ambition and Dylan O’Brien’s general sexiness ;)
{4} If you could live any where in the world, where would it be?
Hmmmm, well I enjoy the laidback South African lifestyle but I wouldn’t mind moving further down to Durban.
{5} How do you prepare for blog posts?
I wrap myself in a cosy blanket, get some yummy snacks and write complete random stuff. I should really put some more effort into planning...oh well.
{6} What is the most memorable holiday you've ever been on?
When I was  14 I went to England and France with my family and another Family. It was beyond amazing. The best part was going to Disney Land.
{7} Are you in education? If not, do you work?
I am still in School. Only a year and a bit left. YAY. I also currently have a job J
{8} What's the best thing about running your blog?
Reading people’s comments and seeing the number of views. I really enjoy seeing where my viewers come from as well. It’s an amazing place to rant my feelings and reach out to people across the world.
{9} What's your number one beauty essential?
Sleep and water. I prefer natural beauty to made up beauty.
{10} How do you see  yourself in 50 years time?
Hopefully successful and happy.
{11} What's your favourite social media site?
Snapchat. I love me some funny selfies.

Mimi's Questions

1. Why did you start your blog?
Just over a year ago! I can’t believe its already been that long!

2. If you could be on any tv show what show would it be?
Probably something fun like Modern Family

3. What is your style like?
Quite casual and simple. I’m not really that fashion conscious 

4. Whats your favorite type of music?
I like all types but mainly pop and alternative 

5. What are your favorite genre of movies?
Definitely Comedy. There is nothing bette

6. How often would you say you're on the internet per day?
When am I not on the internet haha just kidding. Hmm depends on how much school work and whatnot. On a weekday maybe 1 hour and on the weekend maybe 3 hours.

7. What social networking site do you use most often? Twitter, Instagram, etc?
Probably Snapchat. I love taking ugly selfies. Snapchat is there for you to embarrass yourself. Don’t be that person that tries to look goo on snapchat. uh uh have fun man B)

8. What are you most addicted to?
Probably my cellphone. SO MUCH TO DO. 

9. How cool is my blog? Pretty cool right? Jk that doesn't count as a question *sigh* Do you have any siblings?Quite a cool blog you got there ;) I have a younger sister and a little baby half-brother

10.How old are you?17 but it’s almost my 18th which I can’t wait for. Legal eagle yeah!

11.What do you spend most of your time doing?Thinking about situations which will never happen..

I would like to nominate every single one of you reading this right now. Feel free to answer  these questions and put the link in the comments so I can read themJ
1) Who is your favourite singer/group?
2) Do you play any musical instruments?
3) What’s your favourite gum flavour?
4) What is your favourite type of blog?
5) What do you look for in a bf/gf?
6) If you were stranded on an island and you could only take 3 people, who would you take?
7)  What is your favourite event/holiday of the year?
8) DO you have any pets?
9) What is your favourite cool drink flavour?
10) What is your earliest memory?

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please feel free to do this  tag and let me know what you think.
I will see ya’ll soon